Our initiative

In 2014, company “Brandberg” initiated charity project in support of young Ukrainians, who are being exposed to medical care at NSCH “Okhmatdet”.


1% of all the events, held by our agency, will be consumed to purchase needed machinery and medicaments as well as holding children fests or charity events for “Okhmatdet” patients.


How it started?


In 2011 NSCH “Okhmatdet” initiated development of a new modern building for treatment of hematologic diseases of young Ukrainians. This project immediately gained the unspoken status of “Smart hospital” due to its uniqueness and importance for Ukrainian medicine. New building will be not only the example of convenient and modernconditionsfor the treatment of severe diseases, but also a solution that will remove lack of possibilities for bone marrow transplant using donors who are not relatives in Ukraine, due to this issue hundreds of Ukrainian families are doomed to beg for money in order to get help from foreign surgery.

Realizing the importance of this idea, our company supported project and started working on development and implementation of social events aimed at informational support of a project for free.


During the cooperation with chief contractors of the project, we held several master-classes, press-conferences, charity concerts for young viewers, their parents and doctors which are courageously fighting for the lives of young Ukrainians on daily basis.


But in 2014 everything has changed both for our country and “Smart hospital”.


Our project


During the master-classes with young patients, we reviewed the importance of “Smart hospital” project. Now the value of development of new hospital building is not regarded global efficiency of innovations or empowerment of Ukrainian medicine, but the understanding of significance of this project for Masha from Chernigov, Olya from Symu, Tanya from KrivyRih. The common things became personal and we figured out the value of every single smile on child’s face. We also learned, that hematologic diseases is not the only problem children are facing and trying to fight with in childhood, but also waiting their turn for transplantation or suffering from  AIDS. All of them always needed attention, care, and reason to smile despite political or economic state of Ukraine.


After we had a conversation with administration of hospital, we learned about positive value of events and celebrations in the lives of young patients, because holidays support their aspiration to not give up and keep fighting the disease. That is why we decided to create our own charity project, purchasing needed machinery and medicaments, holding bright and unforgettable events for young Ukrainians – patients of hospitals.


Why are we addressing this issue now?


We just want to say thank you.

We are grateful to our partners which supported our initiative and helped us to create unique events that remain in heart of kids and their parents forever.

We are grateful to administration of NSCH “Okhmatdet”, especially YriuIvanovichyGladush for the support and endless faith in us and our capabilities.

And especially, we are grateful to you, our clients, for interesting projects, which we implement together, and without which hundreds of smile on children’s faces would have never appeared.

We sincerely hope that all together we will make this world a little bit brighter and better.

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