Why do we need to audit?

Group of companies "Brandberg" announces the launch of the exclusive service– independent audit.


What is it?


Independent Audit – is a set of activities of research, analytical and strategic nature, the main objective of which is to prepare tender documents and evaluate bids of outside mice-agencies upon the customer's request.


Why do we audit?


For the objective evaluation of proposals by an independent expert- agency, which will select the winner of the tender with regard to the following criteria:



  •      completeness of the proposal and compliance with conditions and objectives of the tender; 
  •       agency's reputation in the market and customers' recommendations;  
  •       experience in carrying out similar projects.




What will the client get?


The auditor's report that includes the analysis of all proposals and contractor selection for a particular event or for a complex customer service, as well as recommendations on optimization of budget and general concepts of events on all items.


Who needs it?


This service is used by companies:



  • whose staff do not include highly qualified professionals with conference services and event planning; 
  • who want to save time and money; 
  • who wish to obtain the most comfortable conditions from contractors and the guarantee of the fulfillment of all commitments.



Postal address:
ул. Московская, 43/11
01015, Киев, Украина
+380 44 496 46 93
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